I must have been asked a million times why I write about women.

The answer has to do with a girl I met not long ago who told me that she saw herself as a "frontierswoman" mapping the way for the women who came after her.  She wanted to show them that women had accomplished great things during her lifetime. 

But women have been accomplishing amazing things since the beginning of time. 

We just never hear about any of them. 

The building blocks men take for granted are the very building blocks every generation of women spend their lives creating in the mistaken belief that no other woman has done what girls today are trying to do. 

I believe that if everyone knew about the amazing women who came before us, who were the first to fly airplanes during war time, or who traveled alone on a motorcycle in the 1930's, who were inventors and criminals, dreamers and scientists,  girls today would start at the same place boys do.  

And wouldn't that make the world a better place for everyone?