began her professional career at the William Morris Agency as an assistant to literary agent, Judy Scott-Fox after graduating from Oregon State University in 1982.   After working as a freelance story analyst for New Line Cinema, New World Pictures, Vestron, and several independent producers, Meyers launched a screenwriting career.  After twelve years in the film business with nothing but a handful of free options to show for her efforts, she moved to Utah to pursue a wildly successful career as a full-time artist.  When the economy bottomed out in 2009, Meyers returned to what she calls “the dream that wouldn’t die”.  Her work as a screenwriter has landed her in the top fifteen percent of writers who submitted to the Nicholls Fellowships in 2014 and 2015.  LUCKY 13, about the Women’s Airforce Service Pilots in World War Two, is a finalist at the Nashville Film Festival and RIDE THE WIND, a Second Rounder at last year’s Austin Film Festival, is currently seeking financing through award winning documentary producer, Cheryl Bedford and director, Craig Ross Jr.  Meyers also won an eight week screenwriting scholarship to the New York Film Academy, and THE DARK OF NIGHT, a short screenplay she wrote for the NYC Midnight Short Screenplay Competition was the first in its heat.  Meyers was recently awarded the Grand Prize for Short Screenplays from Table Read My Screenplay with THE DARK OF NIGHT as well.